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Welcome to Deep Streams

Deep Streams Zen Institute offers authentic Zen practice with Joseph Bobrow Roshi. We also provide continuing education for the enrichment and well-being of mental health practitioners, drawing on mindfulness, Buddhism and Western psychology. We serve and create community through Coming Home Project's integrative programs for veterans and their families that integrate psychological, mindfulness and expressive approaches as they build a welcoming community. Deep Streams invites you to join us as we practice, study, and build peace — and share the fruits for the benefit of all beings. 

Deep Streams Programs 

February 22 — Community Zen Practice: Introduction to Zen with Joseph Bobrow, Ventura, CA. 9:30-12:00. For more information and to register, email or call Marilyn Owen, mowenmft@gmail.com | 909-732-9037. 

Other programs of interest 

Feb 21 — Inquiring Deeply: Mindfulness in Close Relationships, with Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D. Download flier.

March 7, 8, 15, 22, 29 — Cultivating Emotional Balance with Mindfulness and Compassion, with Radule Weininger, MD, Ph.D. Download Flier.

Meditation meetings

Buddhism and Psychotherapy Study Group

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Zen and Psychotherapy: Partners in Liberation